Daily Dose #1: MOVE!


Do not procrastinate: When you encounter opportunities, ideas and hobbies that have the potential to make money, act! Create a journal for every idea you have and add to it daily.

Map it out: What will it take to make it happen? List the steps and create a timeline with completion dates for each step, and an end goal.

Think like a successful person: Brendon Burchard explains that “successful  people” develop a list of steps required to propel their dreams into action and see each step as a challenging opportunity to learn and grow. Unsuccessful people, see these steps as “roadblocks” keeping them from moving forward, leaving many unfulfilled dreams behind.

Believe it can happen: Don’t go into doubt or let others talk you out of it. Visualize it in its completeness, as if it has already come to pass! 

Hobbies that can make a person money are the dream jobs of this century and if it solves problem for you, it can solve one for millions of other people and so…..shouldn’t there be an app for that?

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