Daily Dose #25: Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

IMG_1285Dolphin statueDid you hear the one about the man who made millions sellingDoggles?”  Well, he’s made a complete “Spectacle” out of himself and is “rolling over” in dough!

But seriously, how many of us have had an idea for the next “Shark Tank”-worthy invention, but never got past the thought?  If you are a science nerd, mechanical genius, informational guru or practical wizard your millennial millions may be just one idea away.  All you really need is to find a problem that to date has no solution.  You never know what crazy dream could lead to the next big craze or infomercial!  With the invention of the App, you really don’t even need to invent an object!  It may be an app for teaching someone how to complete a task in a better, faster, more efficient way, or an outlandish game full of fantasy that occupies the mind when we have “nothing else better to do!” Look at all the people crashing into trees in search of imaginary Pokémon creatures! It isn’t like the idea has to be practical! So, no idea is too crazy.  Instead of casting your brainstorm to the wind or telling yourself, “that will never work,” write it down and do your research, map it out to completion and take a chance.  You never know until you try and look where we would be if the Thomas Edisons, Ben Franklins, Henry Fords and Steve Jobs of the world had never followed their ideas to the end?  Most likely, walking in the dark, with blurred vision wishing we had a way to send a Tweet! Get out there millennials, your crazy idea just may lead to financial freedom!

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