Daily Dose #22: What’s Your Motivation?

IMG_0177 Boomer SeriousAnalyze Your Spending. Financial advisers recommend that you start by writing down everything you spend for a month.  Then, put all expenditures into categories to analyze your spending habits.  Categorize the money by the reason you felt the need to spend it, such as “living expenses,” “entertainment,” “no reason/ just did!” The ultimate goal is to understand the motivation behind your spending We all have habits that we revert to when we are sad, lonely, bored or stressed. There are people who are emotional eaters, emotional sleepers and yes…emotional spenders!  Many of us don’t even realize we are doing it!  Keeping a journal of all purchases from least to most expensive, will give you valuable insight into your spending patterns.  If you find that you spend when you are stressed, find a healthier avenue for relieving anxiety.  Take up yoga, learn to cook or paint that entryway wall that has been bugging you.  Either way, information is power, so take some time and find out what drives your spending habits!

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