Hello Millennial Money Makers-


Millennials, more than any other generation have great potential. With unlimited information, services and resources literally accessible 24/7, Generation Y, is swimming in a pool of possibilities. Millennial, Sean Belnik, founder of BizChair, started at the age of 16, with $600 and an idea to sell small items on an e-tail shop. By the age of 20, his small item business had expanded into online furniture sales and an estimated worth of $24 million. Yes Millennial Money Maker, this could be you!

As a coach, I see greatness in others and have been trained to use inquiry as the means to outstanding “ends.” With just the right amount of coaching I believe any person, especially any open-minded Millennial, can reach far beyond anything they wish to accomplish. My desire is to provide short doses of “inquiry,” in fact only one quick, shot per day, on how to become extremely productive, successful and ultimately at peace. Oh, and wealthy, did I mention wealthy?



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